Friday, August 27, 2010

update, again

So I am really not good at updating, but every 6 mos or so!! So we are still in the apartment. Abbi started Kindergarten and has finally decided that she likes it! She has officially lost 4 teeth now! Anna started speech class this week and had a blast! She starts preschool after Labor Day and is really looking forward to it because she really wants to be in school like her big sister! Brent is still working full time but started on his dream of going back to school, taking one class this semester (anatomy & physiology)! We are busy and don't really know what we do : ) Sorry I didn't get a picture of Brents first day back to school!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

we moved ~ again!

Well, some of you know, we sold our house (rather quickly) and moved to an apartment on April 10. So far, the girls have been sick since we've moved (and I don't mean homesick). It all started with Abbi getting croup (an ER visit was warranted) and it turned into bronchitis. Meanwhile, Anna got croup, which turned to bronchitis. Abbi got better and Anna got worse. Anna ended up with pneumonia and Abbi got sick (vomiting) which only lasted a few hours. Anna seems to be feeling better and Abbi recovered quickly then woke up this morning with a stomach ache (vomiting again). I have decided that each time she ate strawberries, she vomited the next day...hmmm. No strawberries for Abbi to see if that's the cause. Another update, during all the sickness, Anna's x-ray showed evidence of asthma. We knew that it was a possibility since Abbi has asthma that Anna's chances were increased. So, now 2 kids with asthma, ugh! Well to keep it all in perspective, we can be thankful that it can be taken care of and it doesn't have to be a life threatening thing! Thank God that it is only asthma and nothing life threatening!! Well, that's my update for now. I'll try to update as things go along!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Making Cookies

So, when it is COLD outside, Brent goes out and makes snowmen and I stay inside!! (Of course I make hot chocolate for when they come in). But this is what I do when they aren't playing outside!! We decided to make Valentines day cut out cookies! Abbi and Anna each got to do it by themselves! We had some good hearts and some not so good ones!! But they all tasted the same!

Abbi was pretty quick at filling up her cookie sheet (we had to put some on Anna's (shhh don't tell her!)

Anna just pressed that cookie cutter everywhere on the dough, overlapping and all!

playing in the snow

Abbi, Anna and Daddy went out to play in the snow we got last Friday afternoon. It was a very wet snow so it made for good snowman building weather!!

This is the finished product, Anna did help, but decided that it was too cold to stay out and wait for a picture!!

This is the bottom of the snowman!

Abbi began the snowman with a very tiny snowball (you can barely see it in her hand!!)

BURRR says Anna!!

Abbi was excited to play out in the snow!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

potty training

So I decided to start potty training Anna this weekend, (spur of the moment), and she only had 1 accident yesterday and only 1 today!!! YEAH we are on the road to no more diapers (hopefully, lets keep our fingers crossed!!) She still doesn't tell me she needs to go, but I take her every 2 hours or so and tell her to go and she pretty much does! I'll keep you posted on our progress!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

an update

Well, it has been a long time and I don't have much time before the girls awaken from their beauty sleep, but I will try to catch you up for now!

Brent ~ Brent is currently working on the "last" project on the house before putting it up for sale. He is getting wood for the stairs, going to finish it, and give us "new" wooden stairs. His arm is doing much better and has been officially released from the doctor!! YEAH, now he will just give it time to strengthen back up!

Cherish ~ Well, I am still about the same. Just working part time and keeping up with the girls! I have been trying to go through things around the house wondering "what can I sell or get rid of so we don't have to move it...?" We are praying about where to send Abbi to school next Fall because she will be in Kindergarten. (Kleenex please...)

Abbi ~ Abbi is still loving school! Her asthma has been better controlled and she is doing much better and hasn't been sick so much! She just goes non-stop from sun up to sun down! I wonder where she gets all her energy?!?! She now knows all her letters (uppercase and lower case) and can write them all. We are working on her learning her phone number and address, but since we plan to move soon, I'm not really focusing on her address! She just went to the doctor on Monday for her 5 year old check up, needless to say she's not a fan of the shots!! She is 38.5 pounds and 41.5 inches tall!

Anna ~ Anna is quite ornery! She is 2 1/2 and loves to tease you! She can be quite stubborn (not sure who she gets that from!!) and is quite the mama's girl! She desperately wants to go to school with Abbi and just can't wait until next Fall when she can! She will be going to the same preschool that Abbi goes to now. She is becoming clearer with her speech, but still can be hard to understand at times. The next obstacle we will tackle with Miss Anna is ....potty training! She really could care less about it and not sure how this will go... any new ideas???

Friday, November 27, 2009

Family Pictures, bet you can't wait...

I told you that as soon as we got these, I would show them off, we here they are. There were SO many great ones, that this is just a glimpse...

By the way, that water was like 2 degrees!! BRRRR

There were like 200 plus pictures to choose from, so sorry so many on here, but it is so hard choosing, I still have many more GREAT ones!!